Maybe it's Already Everywhere

by Mountains for Clouds

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released July 29, 2013



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Track Name: i'm tough, my whole body's a callus
your weakness shown through,
telling me you'll change,
my fears have come true,
showing me I'm the same.

we found so many places we could escape who we were,
but we lost more than ourselves in each other.

your weakness shown through,
telling me you're the same,
my fears have come true,
showing me I've changed.

I built a cathedral of reasons I let go,
you broke down your walls to show me why you left.

I'm not your strength now,
you're not my anchor.
Track Name: thanks for the dove
you said you couldn't see the horizon from your bedroom window,
so the trees and buildings stretch like fingers,
reaching in to pull you outside,
you know you lie, you know you lie, you know you lie, you know you lie.

the things you wanted never happened.

so carry the weight of your decisions in the contours of your face,
as you trace your fathers footsteps you begin, you begin, you begin.
Track Name: why i fight dragons
contemplative minds reside,
in believing resistance,
cannot be achieved,
'cause it will never leave.

pray your children never see this day.

leaving seeds of doubt,
in each weak feet,
needing to retreat,
to lost states of sleep.

pray your children never see this day.
Track Name: half measures
January came with resolutions,
that you would never resolve,
so you seek comfort in the false sense,
of feeling that this never was or will be.

your fall fell far too fast,
for me to catch the weight of slack,
pulling you down to where your habits,
keep you inside.

you could be so much more.
Track Name: give up, giving up
the same way you moved to the west,
is the same way you run,
from everything that made you,
feel like you were,
something other than a ghost,
something other than a ghost,
wondering in search of a home,
more than just a place,
you feel you belong,
more than just a way,
you can move on.

forgive the past,
you can't relapse,
move on, move on,
cut all you've lost.
Track Name: i am nothing more than i ever could have ever been
you rested your nervous head,
in the fold of my neck,
said you feared the failure,
that followed you,
from every place you've been,
to every place you'll go,
you cut your ties to let them know,
that this is far enough,
that this is far enough,
but every bridge you burn,
can be rebuilt again.

still I have noticed,
that far away look,
that has settled into your eyes,
it is pouring out of you by the hour now,
like a river swollen by a season of hard rain,
there is nowhere else for it to go,
so it continually swallows itself,
and swells again,
and swallows.

what's done is done, is done, is done.

you cannot shoulder the weight,
of the choices you've made,
so you bury your face,
in the depths of your shame.
Track Name: that night a forest grew
you traded your friends,
for steadier footing,
to bury your faults in pride,
the weight of your tongue,
was the wall you'd hide behind,
until you had finally realized,
the people you knew,
had left and grew,
and you were alone inside,
but they already, forgave you.

take some time to realize things change,
who you were isn't who you are today,
worries and doubts bind you up inside,
you hold your love in until the day you die.
Track Name: sorry i didn't realize i was already here
these car windows, steal my stare,
as the weight of your words, follow me,
to places I thought, I'd never see,
and all I can do, is bring this to you,

to take this all home.
Track Name: bear country (bring a rifle)
you words were empty,
from the moment you spoke,
of how patience is time wasted,
waiting for your breath to catch.

your vices grip you tighter,
than a house with no home.
Track Name: jamage control
maybe I'm too old,
to be looking for answers,
in my dreams.

maybe I'm too old,
to be looking for answers.
Track Name: this is a kindness
stability was lost inside your fear to move on,
and you were confident in the choices that you made,
but the falling out of your friends felt like fate,
your routine has held what little you had left,
your body was failing to see the pain you put it through,
not its time, to come back,
and find the place in which you knew yourself.